Chanel Le Rouge Crayon De Couleur

I’m surprised it took so long for the industry to produce crayon-style lip products, given that they are so easy to use and for the most part, give the same result as a traditional lipstick. What they lack in the luxe factor – notably missing the satisfying clunk-click of a good magnet on a bullet lipstick – they make up for in grab-and-go functionality.

Chanel’s are no exception and these Le Rouge Crayons are not sticky, give great coverage, are are ridiculously simple to use.

  • Nude No. 1 is a nude beige with medium coverage
  • Rose Violine No. 2 is a perfect soft beige rose cream with full coverage
  • Rose Clair No. 3 is a light rose pink with medium-full coverage
  • Rouge Corail No. 4 is a coral red with full coverage
  • Rouge No. 5 is a classic red with full coverage
  • Framboise No. 6 is a pinky-red with full coverage
  • Fuschia No. 7 is a gorgeous hot pink with full coverage
  • Cassis No. 8 is a beautiful berry with full coverage
  • Beige Rose No. 9 is a light beige pink with medium coverage
  • Tangerine No. 11 is a hot orange with full coverage
  • Carmin No. 12 is a deeper red, full coverage


Available now – £28.00 from John Lewis here and $38.00 from here.