Newness and Updates No. 2

Hi All!

Some updates and newness available now for you…

What I’m up to:

I’m going to the Marie Claire Prix D’Excellence Awards on Monday. I was a Judge again this year but don’t yet know who has won so that will be fun. I’m back vlogging this week as I am also at the House of Commons on Tuesday for the Eve Appeal’s Make Time For Tea launch.

If you are on Instagram you’ll know I’ve been trialling Vitamin C products for review and you’ll start to see the reviews up in the next few weeks, along with Differin and NeoStrata retinol and serums as promised. If you have any particular questions re those products let me know in the comments and I will add them to the reviews. I can review a cleanser and moisturiser after one take, but heavy duty items like this need thorough testing, and I’m about done with a number that I have trialled over the last few months. WHOOHOO!

I’m also back filming videos this week so do keep the requests coming. I’ve been going back over recent posts and am aiming to answer at least the first 20 comments on all my videos and posts (as a minimum) within 48 hours of posting on here and Instagram, something I’m able to do due to changing my work status outside of the blog. Going forward, as I pass my professional clients back to their internal teams, I’m decided not to take on any new ones, making more time for this blog and my own personal projects. I now only have two clients*, both of whom I love, so hopefully they’ll keep me around for a little while. 😉 The blog is now a ‘client’ and no longer my side project.

More of this as it unfolds, but I am extremely excited for what 2017 holds.

Speaking of Instagram. So many of you talk to each other in the comments about the lack of availability of certain products in your region/country. What do you think about starting an exchange service amongst us all? My friends and I have always swapped products, even in the days before the blog. Please do start talking to each other in the comments, make friends, and let’s get products unavailable in your home country into each other’s hands?

Also: if you know of brands readily available in your area, but maybe not overseas, for example, Boots Protect & Perfect, while available in the US, is cheaper here. Neutrogena Naturals and Aveeno Naturals isn’t available in the UK at all (crazy people), so they would definitely be on my USA list. I’m excited to make more time for discussion on here and my other channels. One thing I like to do: talk.

There was a lot of discussion on social relating to the May Lindstom price increase this week, the outcome of which was May showing a lot of other brands how it should be done when talking directly to your customer, but – that aside – those discussions made me think that a post on how the industry works might be interesting. I won’t be able to talk specifics about any brands, but I can give a general overview of the relationship between brands and retailers, costs etc. Thoughts?

Some quick makeup newness if you’re still with me! 🙂

I found a few of Chanel’s ridiculously gorgeous Coco Code Harmony Blush still available in Debenhams. Get it while you can.

MAC as always, have a slew of newness out in time for the fashion week season, my favourite of which is the James Kaliardos Moons of Saturn Full Face Kit

The colours are perfect for touching up on hols. (I am SO over winter.)

Also available are the Taraji P. Henson Viva Glam collection, all proceeds as usual going to the MAC Aids Fund, which has raised over $380 million since it was launched in 1994. This collection is the most wearable it’s been (for me) in ages. SCORE.

Chanel is still, along with Armani (IMO), killing it in the lip department. After my mammoth clear-out this week the one thing I couldn’t take down too much is my lip collection. I don’t really do eyes, and my blush and bronzer are for the most part set in stone, but lips I play with. And these Rouge Coco Glosses and Stylos from Chanel are firmly in my kit.

Priced £26 and £28 in the UK here and $30 and $37 in the USA here.

And finally:

Almost 7 years since I launched, this blog will very shortly exceed 80 million page views. I know I say it a lot, but ‘Thank You’ isn’t enough. My side project has now become my work, and I love my job. I’m celebrating by getting my mojo back. Have a good week!



*Pixi and Dr Dennis Gross