VB x Estee Lauder Round Two

Just a quick one – but unsurprisingly, after being the biggest launch in Selfridges history, the Victoria Beckham x Estee Lauder Collection is back, with a few additions.

The Modern Mercury Highlighter was first on my list as I missed out on it last time. It doesn’t disappoint. It’s satisfyingly heavy in the hand, and nicely pigmented.

I’ll show it on my face in future Instagram posts, because as always, being the old-fashioned blogger that I am, I took all the pictures first before I started using it, but if you’re a highlighter addict, I’d get moving. It looks like they made more this time around as they are still available for £48.00 on Selfridges.com.


The full collection is available on netaporter.com (nice beauty selection! – I hadn’t realised how much it has grown), Selfridges.comHarrods.com and of course EsteeLauder.co.uk.