Holiday Empties we left behind..

You may have noticed the radio silence on here while we were on holiday with the small people over Easter. I definitely lost my blogging mojo so apologise to those of you that like your daily read. I’ll make it up to you.

We needed the extra space in our baggage coming home (seriously, how many stuffed toys do kids need?), so I snapped off these pics of the products that we had 90% (or more) used up and made more room for new purchases..

When four of you go away for two weeks, SPF is obviously where you want to spend your money. I always default to a few SPF brands, one of them being Clinique, which we have used for years. I took two each of the face SPF 50 and 30, but the difference between them is minimal so you could use either. These lasted us the entire two weeks, although we did have another SPF50 that I used and did not leave behind, from Thank You Farmer which works really well under makeup.

Hei Poa I picked up in Greece last August and this was the most popular for body for Ava and I, probably because of the scent, and I will absolutely buy this again. The One Love Organics Vitamin D Moisture Mist ran out and I’m in LA this weekend where I can buy more – which I definitely will. If you have budget constraints you can skip this step. If, however, you’re a regular air traveller and love a spritz, dive in.

The Lancaster Dry Touch Radiant Gel SPF20 was also used up – later in the day and after repeated swimming dips – and I’m not sure I would repurchase, mainly because I’m sticking to SPF30 these days.

Lancaster Silky Milk SPF15 again was left over from Greece and as it was within a year I took it to use up. I find it good for legs as mine aren’t always on show and it’s sufficient. Works well, but again, I’m moving us all up to SPF30 going forward.

Kerastase Soleil Shampoo, Mask and CC Cream (not pictured), were brilliant and I will absolutely repurchase. it may have just been the soft Florida water but my hair came back in better condition than before we left. Really.

Decleor SPF30 Aroma Sun worked well, felt lovely on the skin, but wasn’t as popular as the spray varieties, especially with the kids.

Clinique After Sun is great for bodies, not for faces. I used Dr Jart Tiger Grass as facial after sun and it worked really well. The kids loved it. It doesn’t sting and the scent is not overpowering. I will use this going forward.

Other incidentals that we always use and will repurchase:

Korres Shower Gels – for some reason we take these away on every holiday. I wait until they’re on offer in the supermarket and buy 3 for 2. Usually Citrus and Fig. They travel well and we’ve never had a leaky lid.
Pureology shampoos are still my favourites and Hydrate is a regular. Sulfate-free and gentle on colour.
Banana Boat SPF15 Sport Spray was an Ava purchase and interestingly worked better than the others because of ease of use. Every single time she got out of the water she would reapply – as would Max, meaning that they were willingly using SPF on an hourly+ basis. I would repurchase but I would bump up the SPF next time. They make a 50 and a 30 and I will buy more while I’m here.

No-one burned on this holiday. I know this is down to sheer vigilance and an acceptance from the kids that this is a health requirement, not something we do once in the morning to make a token effort.