Routine 1 – Instagram Routine Line-ups

I get so many questions under my routine pictures on Instagram that I’ve decided to move them over here also. That way all questions can be answered on one easy to find place, and I’ll list them numerically as opposed to dating them.
I know there are quite a few new readers so I just wanted to clarify that these routines and the information given are meant to give you some possible guidance if you are looking for a skincare item in that particular category – they are not meant to encourage you to buy everything shown. This is my job, I buy (and am given) a lot of products. If you can afford them and you want to spend your money on beauty, great, I’m not suggesting that this is what you should do, or need to do. If you want simpler guidance, start with the Routines Cheat Sheet and go from there. Also: my readers are amazing at jumping in on the comments and sharing info – so ask away.
And finally, the routines are always shown in order of application. So..

PM Routine
Cleanser – Tammy Fender Cleansing Milk
This was my first time using this after buying it in LA in January. I like it. It’s soft, the fragrance isn’t over-powering and it cleans nicely leaving the skin soft and smooth. No irritation to the eyes, no redness after use.

Acid Tone – Biologique Recherche P50 PIGM 400
The latest to the stable of P50 and I love it. No surprises there. I’m working to fade my pigmentation after holiday so I’m throwing everything at it. It’s fading. Whether or not you can put it down to this is another matter, but I certainly think it is helping.

Essence/Spritz – Tata Harper Concentrated Brightening Essence
First time using this and again, I’m loving it. However: it’s £135.00, putting it way out of the league of most people and coming in at more than double P50 for less ml. If you are a Tata fan and can afford it, you will no doubt love it. I however, reached my limit on toner/essence spends years ago with P50 and I don’t see this changing that thinking. It’s beautiful to use and the skin feels amazing after use, but it would need to be half the price for me happily recommend. This sits comfortably in the ‘money-no-object’ category.

Eye – Chantecaille Rose de Mai Eye Lift
This isn’t the final packaging – I was sent this by their UK PR and I love it. I have limited information on it: it’s not out yet, it’s cooling, soothing, hydrating and leaves eyes that have been on too many airplanes looking rested. For that reason alone I would possibly purchase for use while travelling, but again, it’s Chantecaille, you know it’s going to be luxury pricing. If you’re on a budget, this is not for you.

Treatment – FAB Skin Lab – Retinol Serum
Another new one to market – I’ve used this for a while and I like how gentle it is. Your skin cannot always take a full-on retinol and there is more current research and trialling showing that little and often can be as effective as heavy-duty and occasional, potentially throwing the retinol market in particular a hand grenade. I love it when the status quo is challenged and this is a great product for anyone concerned about irritation from retinoid use. There will be more to come on First Aid Beauty, but for now, I’m enjoying it. Affordable, accessible and efficacious. What’s not to love?

Moisturiser – Skin Rx Lab MadeCera Cream 
I got this from Cult Beauty in response to a few readers shouting that if I loved Ceramidin, I should branch out into creams with more ceramide content. This is really lovely to use, does a great basic job of hydrating and again, a wise choice for travellers and frequent users of retinoid/acid products due to its gentle nature. I have a feeling ceramide creams are like tea without sugar. Once tried, you never go back. Recommended.