Cult Beauty Box First Reveal

I’m thrilled to finally start sharing the contents of my latest Cult Beauty Box with you all – and the first one is a doozy.

I’ve been obsessing over Zelens Power D High Potency Provitamin D since it launched and first blogged about it back in October last year here. I have clients that swear it has cured them of lifelong facial eczema, other clients that credit it with taking down their redness/rosacea, and I myself lean on it heavily when I’m challenging my skin with retinoids, during/post-travel and whenever I just feel I need extra support.

It retails for £110/$185 and is the first product in the box. I’m so grateful to Dr Lens for allowing us to get our hands on this via the box. The brand partake in very few promotions and I’m very thankful.

Stay tuned for one more reveal on Thursday before the full reveal (including pricing) on Sunday via youTube.  The boxes historically sell out very quickly, are Limited Edition and there is no obligation to buy by joining the waitlist. Free international shipping.

Info on how to sign up for the waitlist can be found here: Caroline Hirons Box Sign-Ups


The Cult Beauty Box is a joint venture between Cult Beauty and I.