Pixi Double Cleanse – no need to harp on about this.

Dr Dennis Gross Extra-Strength Alpha Beta Daily Peel Pads – my travel must. Also covered in great detail on here previously.

Milk Makeup Face Mist – brilliant for travel in particular as it’s under 100ml and packaged in sturdy plastic. Hydrates, great mist action.

DCL Peptide Plus Eye Treatment – I’m on my second bottle of this. Love it. Hydrates, gets rid of fine lines and isn’t greasy or full of silicone (I don’t mind silicone but it’s good to have an alternative if your serum also contains it).

Dr.Jart+ Ceramidin Liquid – Use this all the time. Hydrates without feeling heavy, perfect for all skin types and especially good for layering.

SkinRxLab MadeCera Cream – a good final layer, moisturising but never heavy, works well over everything and under SPF.