I’m working full throttle behind the scenes, both inside the industry, shooting videos for YT and on my own thing. I’m not currently offering facials, I’ve had to prioritise other areas in order to move forward in the direction I want to this year.

I potentially have a few PAs coming up in the next few months (all outside of London!). More details as soon as they are confirmed.

We finally got our shizz together and we are penciled in for a Facebook Live on her page on the morning of Monday 26th June. I’ll remind you nearer the date, but let us know what topics you would like us to cover.

Blog Reviews!
I know I’ve been basically posting my YT content over here lately and my traditional blog ‘reviews’ have been missing. They are coming. I promise.

Snail Gate kind of slithered away. One brand sent me a standard reply – a one page fax saying ‘we don’t hurt snails’, one brand spoke directly to me and admitted they ‘thought’ they were cruelty-free, but vowed to double check their sources, and another spoke to me, said they used the net technique and that they were an off-shoot of the food industry. Fans of snail products still insist I’m an idiot and that everything is fine, and the professors at Yale state categorically that you have to stress the snails to get the juice.

Skincare and Personal Q&As
Thank you for your many questions, comments and views. I’m planning my next ones. Feel free to leave your questions below.

What did I forget? Let me know in the comments!