Bobbi Brown Eye Gloss

‘What’s that glossy thing you’re wearing on your eyes?’ is, by far, the most popular comment on my recent posts, both here and under my vlogs on YouTube.

The answer is these beyond gorgeous Bobbi Brown Eye Glosses, part of their limited edition Follow The Sun Collection (out now).

They come in three colours, Beach Nude, Island Nude and Nude. They’re all beautiful, stay put, and bizarrely, don’t end up in my crease. I don’t know what tomfoolery witchcraft this is but I am here for it BB.

Please, please, make them permanent. PLEASE.

I haven’t had time to film anything or take any proper pictures*, so please do watch my stunning
girlfriend Hannah Martin do her thang over on her YT channel here:
Hannah is a BB Pro Artist (and also did Kate Middleton’s makeup for her wedding – just don’t try and ask her about it, she’s discreet personified. Trust me. I tried.)

The Bobbi Brown Eye Glosses are £19.50 and available from Bobbi Brown Online here 






*My son has been really ill (like ambulance and hospital ill) and outside of the long-scheduled posts relating to the Cult Beauty Box and Dennis Gross event, I haven’t been around at all. Hopefully he’s finally on the mend and things will slowly return to normal. I didn’t really talk about it as it’s not my story to tell, but thank you so much to those of you that knew and reached out. I’ll never forget your kindness. CH x