Spotify Playlist

Well you DID ask. After the relentless InstaStory Karaokes, this has (bizarrely!) become one of my most requested posts. So here, dear reader, is my music brain spewed into a small playlist.

Some key points (as if this is a really serious post LOL):

  • Songs are in no order. I would play on shuffle.
  • There are 50, but it will be 100 soon, with minimal effort. I haven’t even touched country/soundtracks/musicals or Barbra (properly) yet. And there’s only one Duran Duran. 😉
  • It is by no means exhaustive, there are so many songs left out of this that it’s giving me a nervo. Every time I think of one of my most favourite songs and it’s not here, I feel disloyal. My iPod has over 1300 albums and 10,000 songs on it. No-one has time for that.
  • Nothing is more personal than musical taste, some of these are long-time old favourites, some are fun reminders of friends/times past, but they all have one thing in common: I find it hard to skip them if they come on while I’m driving, and scream at anyone in the car that dares to touch my radio.
  • The most random is probably the Joel Tudor ‘Windandsea’ from an old surfing movie that’s really hard to find these days, but if you want to chill out or focus on work/writing, there’s nothing like it.
  • I love music more than skincare. That is all.