Weekly Roundup 01

Hi Everyone!

I had one of the busiest weeks of my work life last week and I realised that none of that was shared on here. It was all over Instagram and InstaStories, but I only blogged once. Ridiculous behaviour. So, going forward, I thought a round-up of everything that was happening during the week could be covered here, which, let’s face it, is my home planet and the reason the other channels exist in the first place. I’ll also upload the overspill of photos from the week on here, because there are always lots.

A random bit of cloud apparently turned Trinny and I orange.

Instead of linking to individual vlogs when they go up, I will add them here at the end of the week. Full videos will still get their own dedicated blog post.
The longer I am blogging the more I realise that I have a different audience on every channel. I have people on YouTube who are totally unaware that the blog exists. They ask things like ‘what is a flannel?’ and ‘why don’t you like mineral oil?’. Definitely not blog readers! 🙂 Likewise, Instagram has a demographic that grows by a few hundred every day, and I am sending them here regularly.

I’m also committing to a review a day. I have a backlog so should be good to go for a while, but will keep you posted.

So as well as filming with Trinny:

I finally met Kate Somerville!

Which was very exciting, as you can tell by my face..

And gave a talk with DCL Skincare and Nadine Baggott at SpaceNK..

AND filmed with Dr Murad – he is beyond gracious and lovely – and that will be up this week. It needs some good editing first.

You can catch up with the last three vlogs here:

See you Monday!