Kate Somerville Brand Overview

Hi Everyone!

Finally: a much-requested overview of my favourite Kate Somerville products. I could easily have added another five to this with minimal effort.

Products shown:
Goat Milk Cleanser (no longer available – helpful I know)
Gentle Daily Wash – http://bit.ly/2wFhbfh
Moisture Milk Cleanser – all skins, AM or PM cleanse – http://bit.ly/2z5E0dO
Clinic-To-Go Pads – acid – 2/3 x week – http://bit.ly/2r7RWzB
Line Release Under Eye Repair Cream – lush – if wrinkles are your main concern go here – http://bit.ly/2r7yLpO
Multi-Active Repair Eye Cream – more general eye product – now discontinued.
Oil-Free Moisturiser – best oil-free moisturiser on the market. I am dry/dehydrated and I can still use – http://bit.ly/2sr74ft

The Holy Trinity:
Nourish Moisturiser – In my Top 3 moisturisers of all time – http://bit.ly/2sr2wWj
Deep Tissue Repair – Ditto – http://bit.ly/2r7YXAk
Goat Milk Moisturiser – Number 3 – http://bit.ly/2srbl2s

Daily Deflector SPF50 – brilliant SPF for all skin types. No ashy cast – http://bit.ly/2sqXklv
Neck Tissue Repair – Do not need if you’re 20, if you watched Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 and thought ‘That’s a great idea!’ when they lift up each other’s necks, this is for you – now discontinued.
Dermal Quench Liquid Lift Retinol – not for beginners, moderate to regular users only – http://bit.ly/2wEbA9a
Quench Oil-Free Serum – brilliant, just brilliant at hydrating without stickiness or grease – http://bit.ly/2z4T0bZ
Multi-Active Revive Triple Peptide Cream – new to me, but signs are good so far – http://bit.ly/2z6p9zR
Exfolikate Glow Moisturiser – great on first few uses, but amazing thus far – http://bit.ly/2wEfgYG


Kate Somerville have not paid me to make this video. This is the third year in a row that KS have offered early access to their F&F via my blog. The addition of a video was my idea and all the products are my genuine, usually bought, tried & tested recommendations (although if you have read the blog for the last 7.5 years you will know that!), and they have had no input or say into the content of the accompanying video.
I just thought I would save myself some time because when I run these promos, I am always asked for recommendations in comments. There are no affiliate links on these recommendations, but I will change them to affiliate links once the promotion has finished. For the first time, I have negotiated a small % on any purchases made using my code for the F&F period, but in doing so, gave no input/control to the brand, nor will I ever. Stroppy cow that I am.