Following up..and one for my retail industry comrades..

Hi All!

What a week. Firstly, thank you SO much for all of your comments this week. Much appreciated. And my sincere apologies for neglecting my home planet (this).

Firstly, the post on ageism: so good to know I’m not alone. I have an idea about a little grass-roots-level campaign that we could start together – one loud, joint, older, less tolerant of this bullshit voice. More details to come..

My existential mid-life crisis post about YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

You are clearly all still obsessed with YouTube. Good to know. So here’s the plan.

If you want to follow me in only one place, STAY HERE. I will feed all videos back to the blog, with the exception of InstaStories. A breakdown of other activity..

Instagram – Routine line-ups etc
InstaStories – karaoke, ranting, cats and general grumpiness.

Twitter: used to be general ranting about politics and women’s rights but it was actually draining my good mood so is now occasional ranting but a lot of fun stuff that I can take part in as opposed to shout at i.e. Strictly.

Facebook: my Facebook page is still really, really new and needs some love: Facebook/Official
Facebook will be used for Live videos and my Instagram Lives will feed into them instantly. It’s easier to leave comments and questions on Facebook so that will also be somewhere to find me with your queries.

YouTubeI’ll still aim for at least one/two videos a week, although the vlogging will be saved for special occasions like PAs and travelling etc.. I’ll Instagram Live from the big shop for you Dettol fans 😉

PinterestI don’t know if this is still a thing for you, but it’s their if you fancy girl-fanning over Jenna Lyons and flowers.

And something new. There is a newsletter coming. It will be a round-up of the week and feature things not available on the blog, such as VIP competitions, Product of the Week, new releases etc. Details on how to sign-up coming soon..


And finally, as with any job, when you’ve been in retail a really long time, if you’re lucky enough, you make friends for life. There is a large group of us that communicate in a secret group on social media and last night we finally managed a meet-up of about a quarter of our ‘members’.

Combined age 1038. This is our tribute to Linda Rose, Hand Model to the Stars, and very much an in-joke for SpaceNK employees of old. *People who are still employed by certain brands/retailers are not pictured. Names have been changed to protect the innocent. Plausible deniability. 🙂 

We also ran the gauntlet of retail sayings, so for friends young and old, employed and retired (or fired), we happily give you..

‘What shift you on?’
‘What lunch you on?’
‘Can you cash up the spare till?’
‘Can you pull a double?’
‘Can you please help this lady?’ (code for *because I want to kill her*)
‘Can you do my late tomorrow?’
‘When’s stocktake? Have I got any holiday left?’
‘Can you start turning down the lipsticks?’
‘Can you start turning up the lipsticks?’
‘Where’s Babis?’

And a few for the select department store staff..(you know who you are)

At 9.30am:
‘Morning Lady. Fancy a sausage?’

10.30am, to anyone in the department, especially your competition:
‘Have you opened yet?’

At 11.55am:
‘Shall we go up now? I’m starving.’

At 3.30pm:
‘Is Lady back from lunch I wanna go on my break. I’m starving.’

At closing:
‘Can you take the cash bags up? I promise I’ll do it tomorrow.’

And for my beloved Harvey Nichols crew:

‘Has anyone fed the Aveda fish?’
‘Let’s have a quick chat on the stairs.’
‘Come with me to handbags.’
‘The 5th Floor has got its 20p sale on. LEG IT.’


Have a wicked weekend all!