MLM Selling

A few years ago I wrote this post about ‘Brands you won’t see reviewed on here‘. It included brands that I just don’t rate*, and some MLM (multi-level marketing) brands. MLM selling is nothing new, and in certain circumstances it absolutely provides an income for certain demographics such as stay-at-home-parents who would normally not be able to organise their work schedule around their childcare. That is one of the positives. Unfortunately the negatives can include pressurised and aggressive selling. I’m not talking about the Mary Kay/Avon/Body Shop at Home models. This new type of selling is different.

In recent weeks my comment sections on both here and YouTube have been receiving a little more ‘attention’ from some of the people selling these products and so I just wanted to give them a head’s up that you are wasting your time. If I see you attempting to use this platform to sell your wares to my readers I will block your IP. Simples.
Firstly, it’s my platform, and my readers’ platform. Not yours. Your comments are very cleverly worded, but the seemingly innocuous ‘Oh wow! I suffered from that problem too! Email me at XXX and I’ll show you how I fixed it. It’s SO easy!’ and ‘I wonder if anyone has tried XXX product? I found it AMAZING – email me and I’ll tell you how I used it.’ stick out like a sore thumb.
No mate. I know everyone needs to earn a living and I wish you the best of luck. Just don’t attempt to do it here.



*What the hell is Alice Eve doing signing as an Ambassador for Orogold? Christ on a bike.