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Upcoming Brand Overviews and requests

Firstly, thank you to those of you that came out this week for the Dennis Gross event in Kensington. I’m looking forward to seeing you in Leeds this week and Glasgow next week. The lovely lady in the picture is called May. She was a great model and yes, of course I asked her if she was comfortable with me demoing ‘take it to the tits’ like we do in treatments (I told her exactly what it entailed), and yes, of course, I asked her permission to use the picture. (And no I did not actually touch her boobs!)

Moving on! The following brands are all in line for the Brand Overview video (some before Christmas):

OSKIA (next week)
Indie Lee
Josh Rosebrook
May Lindstrom
Dr Dennis Gross
Tata Harper

I’m sure there are more on my ‘planning’ wall at the office that I have forgotten but please feel free to leave your requests below and I will add them to the list. I’ll update this post when you trigger my memory. Keeping things fresh and finding new ideas for content after so many years of blogging is not easy and I’m thrilled that you love them and find them helpful. Thank you so much for your input!