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INDEED LABS & Packaging Updates

Hi Everyone!

Well last week was busy and this week is bus-ierrr.

First up: Indeed Labs called to say I had been given incorrect information (understandable when a brand is sold across multiple territories).

I was asked a lot why I hadn’t mentioned PeptaBright as I had previously spoken about how much I liked it. I was told it was being discontinued – turns out PeptaBright is NOT discontinued, if it is not showing on a website, it’s just sold out.

Exfoliator is not discontinued, it’s out of stock.

The Hydraluron Sheet Masks won’t be available in the UK when the current stock is sold through. Unsure of international status.

Boots have restocked. (While I’m here, just want to send out a special request from Twitter that Boots sort out their website. Everyone would appear to compare it to Dante’s Seventh Circle of Hell.)


Update video coming this week. Both good and bad packaging! Any comments leave them below.