So my obsession with all things hyaluronic acid shows no signs of abating. Between the English weather and this flu-turned-chest-infection-turned-whatever this is, my skin has, on occasion over the last weeks, and despite my knowledge and best efforts, resembled a sausage roll. Attractive.

Because of this I began researching a mammoth video talking all things hyaluronic acid (still being prepped), and at the same time was sent early samples of the UltraCalming Duo from Dermalogica containing the Calm Water Gel and the Barrier Defence Booster, both of which are launched on all Dermalogica counters today.

The UltraCalming range is designed to treat and repair sensitised and sensitive skins, and help prevent against further flare-ups. The most common skin condition in sensitive skins is dehydration, the barrier function of the skin being so challenged that it proves impossible to retain oil or water in the epidermis, hence the aforementioned sausage roll or being slightly more eloquent: sore, hot, flaky, tight skin. Like I have said on numerous previous occasions, if you have a sensitive, dehydrated skin, you treat that first, because nothing you do to treat acne/ageing/breakouts/pigmentation/inflammation will work if your barrier function is compromised. A compromised barrier is like turning your thermostat up to the max, putting the heating on and leaving all the doors and windows of your house open. You need to close the windows and doors, turn your radiators down to a 2/3 and dial the thermostat down in order to be comfortable in your skin.

The UltraCalming Duo literally flood the skin with moisture in the form of hyaluronic acid in the Calm Water Gel, and help retain it with the oil components in the Barrier Defense Booster.
Applying the Barrier Defense Booster first, which is an aptly named product if ever there was one, will close all your doors and windows, allowing said radiators to self-regulate. Follow that with the Calm Water Gel. This gentle powerhouse contains two forms of hyaluronic acid at different molecular weights, in a gel formulation that converts to liquid on impact, this both permeates the skin and locks in moisture on the surface, turning your radiators and your thermostat down.

The oil part of the equation, Barrier Defense Booster, contains cholesterol, sterols and essential fatty acids along with oat kernel oil, making it a veritable fire extinguisher for the skin. Used underneath the Calm Water Gel, or mixed with your moisturiser, it literally fills in the gaps of the lipid barrier, reducing inflammation, soothing the skin on application and preventing further damage.
It’s the cement to your bricks.

The Duo can be used alone or alongside the current UltraCalming range, in which case you would use Barrier Defense Booster first, follow it with Calm Water Gel and then the existing Barrier Repair, which will act as your overcoat on this occasion.

Suitable for all ethnicities, the entire range can be used across all skin types, depending on whether your sensitivities have left you with breakouts, sun damage, scarring or just plain old confused skin. They are vegan, gluten-free, paraben-free and contain no artificial colourings or fragrances, keeping the chances of causing further damage to a minimum. They are a brilliant add-on to any routine and work immediately upon application, giving immediate relief to the most uncomfortable of faces. And just as an FYI – very little is as dehydrating as flying – these are perfect to counteract trans-epidermal water loss mi-air..
In my routines it would be cleanse, mist, Barrier Defense Booster, Calm Water Gel, Barrier Repair, followed by Super Sensitive Shield SPF. 

The UltraCalming Duo are available from today. The Calm Water Gel is £44.50 and the Barrier Defense Booster is £69.50. Both contain around 85 uses and will last anywhere from approximately 6 weeks for twice daily use or much longer for more sporadic, targeted usage.

All information can be found here and I will be around to answer as many questions as possible in the comments below:

Highly recommended.