Hi All,

Some quick updates before the weekend.

I’ve checked all the remaining giveaways and the option is definitely there for either entry via your email address or signing up for my newsletter. If you had a problem before, you should be good now.

Giveaway Winners:
All listed on the apps on each giveaway post.
Most recent winners are:

Armani – Shelley Gosling – UK
Scamp & Dude – Sheron Napier – UK
MUN Skincare – Erin Jay – Canada
Pestle & Mortar – Claire Thibault – France

A few more giveaways to come and then I’ll be back to full swing with videos and further reviews..

Upcoming videos:
Jillian Dempsey
Hannah Martin
Teresa Tarmey Exclusive

New Releases:
I ordered Glossier’s Solution and it turned up today. Will report back.
And in honour of Ian Marber’s Nutribollocks on Twitter, this week’s ‘Get in The Sea’ is this gem from that well-known skincare expert Paris Hilton:

I’m not linking to it, but suffice to say, the site is full of fake positive reviews (nothing new there) but the negative reviews that were up on the site yesterday have already been taken down.

They also make this claim:

Our Unicorn Mist is made from natural ingredients without using formaldehyde, so the average shelf life after opening is 6-10 months.’

Erm ok: first of all, you’d have to be a complete moron to add formaldehyde to a facial spray, and secondly, the main ingredient after aloe leaf juice is alcohol denat. That alone will give it a shelf life of at least 2 years. Chill out Unicorn fans.

In case it wasn’t glaringly obvious, I would politely recommend you avoid.

Have a lovely weekend!