Not my usual post, but I’ve made a concerted effort to actually finish books this year. Anyone else get swamped by work and checking their phone in bed until they fall asleep, rather than reading the huge pile of books next to your bedside table?

My latest is ‘Ma’am Darling’, a series of lists, interviews with friends, announcements and essays covering her life, my purchase of which, was no doubt inspired by The Crown. It suits my dipping in and out timeframe, and is an easy read.

I was inspired after reading this amazing list collated by my friend Jamie Klingler, who read 89 books in 2017. Just in 2017. As you do…

What are you reading? I’m all ears. I love biographies and crime/drama (I know, what a surprise eh?). I can’t stand fantasy/sci-fi. This is the woman that has never seen Lord of The Rings and doesn’t feel like she’s missing out.

Jamie’s list is here if you want inspiration. The reviews are short, succinct and sometimes laugh out loud funny:

Jamie on twitter @jamieklingler