I contributed to an article titled ‘Can Facials Ruin Your Skin?’ in this month’s (Feb) US Harper’s mag. The tone is basically ‘be careful who you let touch your face’ with some scare stories etc, but I thought it would be worth reiterating and elaborating on a couple of the points made..

The current trend of ‘quick’ facials is, I hope, exactly that: a trend. The only thing you can expect to gain in a 15 minute treatment is a temporary glow. Good skin can’t be rushed, done in a hurry on a 20 minute break or found at the end of a discount deal or a coupon. It takes time. And patience.

I have two previous cheat sheets around the subject that you may find helpful in choosing a facial.

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How To Get The Best Out Of Your Facial gives advice on how to make sure you get the result you want

And recommended facialists (male and female) can be found on their dedicated page – Where To Go For Treatments along with personal suggestions and full recommendations from readers in the comment sections.