Hi All!

A few updates and a Get In The Sea; after all, it is the weekend..

Firstly, thank you so much for the book recommendations. There are so many both here and on the Facebook page, it will keep me going for ages.

Secondly, an Empties video is going up tomorrow. I still need to finish the description box, it’s long – but it will be up tomorrow morning. I’ve been asked daily about the Brandon/Deciem situation in the last couple of weeks and I talk about it briefly in this video, because one of the empties is a NIOD product. It seems to have died down recently and maybe if I had filmed the video yesterday/today, I wouldn’t have mentioned it, but I didn’t, so..

Thirdly, I’m working backstage at The Brits again with Pixi next week, and doing LFW for Zelens. And then I go to LA. I was thinking about maybe vlogging it, as well as Insta Stories. Thoughts?

Whilst I’m in LA, I’m filming with lots of friends, and if you follow me on Instagram you can probably guess who most of them are. They’re ‘our people’. I know you’ll be as pleased to see them as I am!

And finally, I did try and ignore this but I am tagged in it too often so I present this week’s GITS.

Too Faced – a brand that allegedly took their name from what they called their customers when they worked on the shop floor, how charming – have a pink glitter mask called Glow Job, and it’s as bad as it sounds.
I’m not sure what’s worse:
That it’s £42.00, FORTY TWO STERLING POUNDS FOR alcohol, glitter and carmine. (Carmine gives it the millennial pink colour and is extracted from beetles and is a frequent ingredient in lipsticks etc, but this would like you to smear it on your face as skincare.)
That it says ‘stir before use to activate the glitter formula!’ By ‘activate’ they mean ‘the glitter settles to the bottom of the jar’.
That they suggest you leave it on for half an hour, WHY?
That when I started doing research online I could not find one article in the mainstream press describing this as anything other than ‘cheeky’ and the second coming. Cosmo, Pop Sugar, Glamour and Allure all raved about it and not one of them mentioned that this is a brand that uses unicorns/rainbows and festivals all over its branding, is clearly aimed at younger people and is called Glow Job. I mean, coming from the brand that gave us Better Than Sex mascara (it isn’t), and sell a ‘Pearl Necklace’, it’s a step up to the trash sector but come on. Is this where we are now? I’m not prudish. I’m no fool. But this bullshit is annoying me, because I can’t even tell it to get in the sea, in this case that would just be littering the oceans.

We had all of this years ago when NARS launched Orgasm and Deep Throat, and Aveda launched Hand Relief.

I was working on counter when both of those products came out, cue smug men coming to the counter and asking for some ‘Hand Relief’ or if we could give them ‘an Orgasm or some Deep Throat’ with a wink.

Everyone working in Beauty:

Get In The Sea.