Dubliners! I’m so excited to be coming back over. The Irish events are always brilliant – possibly because you’re my second biggest audience after London, but also because TEA and the Irish blood in my veins, more of which later.

So details:

Date: 21st April
Venue: The Marker Hotel, Grand Canal Square, Dublin
Time: 2.30pm

Join me for a long nag about all things beauty and skin, then there’s a Q&A, then we’ll shop together, have one-to-one time, and then at some point that evening I have to leave to catch my flight, but we’ll deal with that at the time. 🙂

Tickets are available here: Cloud10Beauty.com include a goodie bag and refreshments etc..

Can’t wait to see you all.

In the meantime, here’s a pic of Mum on her wedding day and the Irish side of the family. That’s some strong hat wearage.  🙂