OK I’M HERE I’M HERE. It’s not my fault I swear – kids have three weeks off for Easter – THREE -the holiday is longer than Christmas for Cadbury’s sake. ANYWAY:

Here’s the gist: there is much going on and MUCH coming up. I’m chasing my tail a little blog-wise but I’ll be back on track this week. Defo. As we used to say in 1983.

First up: I’m hitting the road with one of my favourite brands to talk all things cleansing in April/May.

You can sign up for the events below but tickets are limited so I would hustle not meander. We’ve tried to get to as many requested cities as possible so hopefully you’ll get to attend if you fancy it. I mean it’s not mandatory or anything…

If you’d like to talk about washing your face, taking your makeup off separately, splashing vs flannels – pretty much anything..

Tickets are £15.00, details are below and obviously include refreshments, a goody bag and £15 to spend on any Clarins products following the event. As with all good tours, we’re finishing in my hometown: 😉

Debenhams London W1, 16th April

Debenhams Chester, 18th April

Debenhams Silverburn. Glasgow, 30th April

Debenhams Whiterose, Leeds, 1st May

Debenhams Birmingham Bullring, 3rd May

Debenhams Liverpool (!!), 4th May

See you there!