Hi Everyone!

I’m in NYC with the family for a break – and the genius techie that I am, I didn’t upload Jordan’s video before I left so that will now have to go live Thursday 12th once we’re back.

I have my DCL/Bloomingdales event this evening and can’t wait to meet so many of you – we sold out in record timeĀ  so THANK you. Amazing.

I have taken a ton of pictures for the blog of product for upcoming product reviews, so they are coming, and I’ll no doubt pick up some other bits while I’m here so there’s that…

And finally, Refuge have contacted me to say that the parcels have taken a down turn in quality since January – people are sending old hairbrushes (with hair still in them), dirty, old underwear and makeup that isn’t ‘lightly used’ so much as ’empty’. I’ve updated the Give and Makeup page to reflect this but please, please: as grateful as we are for your donations, if you wouldn’t give it to your best friend, please do not send it to us.

I’ll definitely be blogging while I’m here and obviously, I’ll be all over Instagram like a rash.

*Random photograph of Ruth and I because the visuals I brought with me are on a card that I cannot access until I buy an adapter. *Steve Jobs over here*

Taken from Ruth’s vlog here: A Day in the Life