When the brilliant Jo Tutchener-Sharp calls you with an equally brilliant idea you don’t say ‘tell me more..’, you just say ‘When do you need me?’.

Regular readers will know that Jo is the founder of Scamp and Dude, which I have written about before, a genius and beautiful clothing line and the reason you see so many of us wearing these patterned sweatshirts all the time..

Me clearly feeling up Ruby.

The Swag Bags were originally intended for parents to grab/keep their baby ‘essentials’ in when rushing out of the house, but so many of us used them for literally everything else – makeup, phone, keys etc that they just became ‘Swag Bags for whatever’…

Jump forward a couple of years and we now have ‘Swag Bags with Purpose’ – five new limited edition bags launching on June 6th, the profits of which will go to charities of our choice.

My profits will be donated to Diabetes UK in honour of Mr Hirons, who was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes almost 20 years ago. The other ladies are also donating to causes close to their hearts:

Sali Hughes – profits to Sarcoma UK
Sam Chapman – profits to Refuge
Ruby Hammer – profits to Cancer Research UK
Ruth Crilly – profits to Genesis Research Trust

More info to follow…

When women support women, amazing things can happen.