Hi Everyone!

Please excuse the radio silence, I am working solidly behind the scenes on various projects that will come to fruition over the summer. I am always on Instagram, and I know a lot of you aren’t, so I thought it was an idea to have a quick update.

Firstly, my first newsletter went out this week – thank you to all that have entered the competition – I’ll announce the winner next week. For those of you that haven’t yet signed up and would like to, you should be prompted when you access the site.

Secondly, it’s not our intention to become the ‘spokesfamily’ for vaccines, but we found ourselves in everything from USA Today, to buzzfeed, to the Mail, to Bored Panda and Scary Mommy this week. We even reached Australia. I’m just glad I asked Dan’s permission to post and didn’t use the picture of him in his underpants!

Thirdly, the Facebook page now has a private group attached to it, which is basically a bunch of skincare freaks. So much so, that I know they will take that as a compliment. 😉 They’re a friendly bunch. You can access it here.

I’ll be back shortly!