I took this picture back in April on my way home from a trip to Canada. I had packed much more than this in my flight bag on the way out, but decided to fine tune it and only pack what I had actually used for the way home.

Since then it’s pretty much been my standard flight bag. You can substitute any of the items for your preferred brands, but the above are as follows L-R:

1 (flat packet left of the pump bottle): tissues or wipes – or both. I always need a small packet of tissues and I will use a face wipe on an airplane, but mainly for my hands. I can’t remember the last time I used a wipe on my face, I always travel makeup free, covered in skincare products.

2: Rohto Hadalabo Gokujyn Hyaluronic Mist: this is the easiest way to get a good hyaluronic acid mist, in plastic for traveling, and it varies between £10 and £12.00. This pump action is good, it ‘is’ a mist rather than a fire hose, and it hydrates really nicely. It’s easily refillable, but I tend to buy a new one as the other Hadalabo hyaluronics are heavier and don’t spray easily.

3: Neosporin: this was a tip from Kate Somerville the last time I saw her. I’d always been aware of (and done) the old travellers tip of putting some hand cream just inside your nostrils when you’re traveling – especially when flying. The air on the plane is recirculated and really drying, and the theory being that when your nasal hair is dried out it offers no protection against airborne germs etc..
I was always sick after flying – usually sore throat for a few days etc – and then I started doing the hand cream trick and it worked. Neosporin just takes it to another level as it’s an antibiotic cream and should be used sparingly. I used it to and from Canada because I had the flu over the New Year and had barely any voice on this trip. Can’t buy it in the UK – this is one for the list when you’re in the States.

4: Indeed Labs Squalane Facial Oil:
I’ve avoided some squalane oils in the past as they have been a little heavy for me, but this one is really light, fine in texture and my skin likes it. I can use it to calm it down, give it a layer of protection, under or over other treatments/serums (depending on the action of the other product). It plays really well with others.

5: Indeed Labs Hydraluron Intense Moisture Lotion: Intense Moisture Lotion has three types of hyaluronic acid and includes three minerals and squalane again, making it a good overcoat to the squalane oil’s cashmere sweater. 🙂 If you want a light, hydrating moisturiser this could be right up your alley. It’s stronger than the jelly, but not sticky, not heavy, and is in a pump dispenser so again, perfect for travel.

6: Optrex: I haven’t always travelled with eye drops and I don’t know why, they’re great for dry eyes, itchy eyes and again, keeping the warm, damp areas on the face from drying out. These are obviously totally optional, but I take them on every flight now.

7: Kopari Lip Gloss: Oh  this is one of my favourite lip balm/glosses ever. I picked up two of these in Sephora in New York on a whim. Good whim. Except I should have brought five back with me. I picked it up for the coconut, and stayed for the effects on my lips. And upon writing this post I’ve discovered it’s available in the UK and it contains – you guessed it – squalane.

8: Trinny London Just a Touch in YAS: I may travel without makeup as much as possible but there’s no need to scare small children. This foundation/concealer is, as it’s name suggests, just enough to cover your base – I had a red, sore nose and used this around the nose and under my eyes to look slightly less deathly upon landing, more-so going to Canada, but I have it nearby always because it’s quick and you ‘never know’.

9: Flock Star Birdie Hand Sanitizer: this was given to me by the founders of the Indie Beauty Expo and I love it. I opened it, binned the packaging and ran. It’s great. The head twists from the body and locks it, making it a no-brainer for travel. It also isn’t classed as a liquid. Score.