Morning All!

Just a quick one – Kate Somerville are currently running a Build Your Own Box offer and are giving you – yes only YOU lovely readers 30% off. Normal peeps get 25% – *dance break*

The offer is for 30% off any 3 items plus a free (empty) gift box. The products shown are just examples – you can pick any you like.

The codes/links for the US and UK are different, but the promotion is the same.

SO: to claim your 30% and get your free gift box, these are your links:

Save 30% on any 3 items + receive a free gift box with promo code CHGIFTUK. Valid 12/7-12/9.
LINK: https://www.katesomerville.co.uk/special-offers-exclusive-partners-only
Save 30% on any 3 items + receive a free gift box with promo code CHGIFT. Valid 12/7-12/9.
LINK: https://www.katesomerville.com/special-offers-exclusive-partners-only



Also: how gorgeous is J LO?

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