Just a quick one from Instagram as I know not all of you have the app.

This is my daily skincare ‘grab bag’ that I carry around with me when I’m using prescription creams, which I have done recently…The grab bag itself is an @insidejigsaw pouch, and the handbag featured is from the lovely @reclaimmallorca and is made of aged, reclaimed leather from horse tack and surplus century-old fabrics including Italian cashmere. Lush.
Left to right:
@katesomervilleskincare Deep Tissue Repair
@indeedlabs Squalane Oil
@drjart Tiger Grass Re.Pair Serum
@koparibeauty Coconut Lip Glossy and
@joshrosebrook Hydrating Accelerator
All of these help keep my skin soothed, hydrated and calm when I’m purposely being slightly ‘antagonist’ towards it.
Much more info on vitamin A and my tretinoin journey to come in January. 💛