You may have seen a lot in the press recently about a ‘blood cream’ made from your own blood plasma. In answer to the multiple DMs and questions I’ve received about this product since then, I would simply say the following:

  • According to every doctor and cosmetic scientist I know, it is scientifically impossible for this product to work. It’s not an opinion, it’s scientific fact:
    “PRP does have the ingredients when in the body to repair and regenerate. Its effects when injected after being concentrated are currently subject to debate but can have some positive effects on musculoskeletal injuries. However, putting this in a cream is the ultimate false hope in a jar as there is no way of these natural healing factors being able to stay alive once outside the body. This is a case of more money than sense and some people will believe the marketing over science.” – Dr Ross Perry MBBS, Medical Director of Cosmedix UK
  • According to Dr Marko Lens MD MSC DPhil (OXON) FRCS “Use of human blood and any other human-derived ingredient is prohibited in any cosmetic product in the EU. Also, use of medicinal claims is misleading for the consumers.”
  • According to EU legislation (Regulations Annexe II, article 416), skincare products containing human-derived ingredients are actually banned in the EU: source/EU regs


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This post has been verified by an independent biochemist and cosmetic scientist.