‘You need to order a sh*tload of these.’

My exact words to Marcia Kilgore, founder of Beauty Pie, when she showed this to me back in January. I was instantly obsessed/impressed.

I’m not the biggest fan of tools, as you may well be aware, but this little doozy actually does something when you use it. To the point where I am travelling with it.

The spiel is that it is ‘do-it-yourself shiatsu for the face’. There is a built-in solar pane that generates microcurrent from all forms of light. I just leave it out on my desk during the day to charge itself up and then stick it back in my bag.

The rollers pick your skin up and roll with it, passing it to the next roller as it goes. It’s incredibly satisfying, both to use and to watch in use. I use it outwards along my jawline, up my cheekbones and over and out across my eyebrows. It’s cooling, soothing and stimulating, all at the same time.

I know there are a lot of rollers/tools out there, plastic ones and stone ones, but this one is far, far, superior to any I’ve tried before.

The Uplifting Microcurrent Face Roller is £34.06 (exactly!) 🙂 and goes on sale tomorrow (Wednesday 27th) on

My code ‘CAROLINESENTME’ is still active – if you sign up using that code you get an extra £50 spend. 

Get it while you can. I promise this will sell out. And quickly.





*The Beauty Pie code is affiliated, but this post is not sponsored.
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