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A quick one and an early one as retinol is up tomorrow.

Emma Hardie Gel Cleanser launches in April in Marks & Spencer – more info on the blog nearer the time.

REN Friends & Family 30% offer – your code is CH30.

Lush Liverpool is at 38-46 Church Street, Liverpool. https://uk.lush.com/article/inside-worlds-biggest-lush-shop

Lush’s Brexit/Germany comment:

‘Brexit has the potential to change property prices, inflation, currency rates and banks appetite for funding, aside from adding trade tariffs.

In the event of a ‘no deal’, the World Trade Organisation (WTO) tariffs would cost us £2.6m annually.

We also expect cash flow to be impacted through additional withholding tax and working capital investment. We are working with suppliers to ensure they are holding sufficient stocks and have committed to increasing our own stock balances by £1.3m for materials coming via Europe.

Deal or no deal, our new Manufacturing facility in Germany will alleviate the total impact on the business including the increased bureaucracy and administration burden around customs processes, rules of origin and conformity assessment processes.

We continue to campaign for freedom of movement and remain committed to this declaration. Over half our employees working in the UK Poole facility remain EU migrants. We have formed a dedicated freedom of movement team to look after staff needs in global mobility, migration law and provide financial support for legal advice if necessary.’


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