OK let’s get started. Reviews start tomorrow, videos to follow. While we’re at the beginning I wanted to ask if you had any particular questions the you would like adding to the reviews..

I’m thinking that the categories will be split into the below for the videos:

  • Types of vitamin A derivatives – from palmitates to retinols to retinoate to aldehydes and beyond..
  • Beginner products – suitable for starters or sensitive skins.
  • Intermediate products – good for maintenance and ongoing, continuous use.
  • Stronger formulas – to be used once your skin has built tolerance to lower %s or milder formulas.
  • ‘Others’ – this category will be used for brands that either haven’t disclosed the % of their formulas (not that many), or are hard to place because of the inci list.
  • Prescription strength will be discussed separately.

The reviews look like this at the moment:

Product Name/Price/ML: 

What category does the product fall into? (loosely)

What form of vitamin A is in the product? I.e. Retinol, retinoate, retinyl palmitate etc

What %?

What is the delivery system?

How is it stabilised/buffered?

Any special application recommendations/contraindications? 

How would you use it? 

  • What the brand say:
  • What I suggest (if different):

What type of skin is it best for? 

Does it work particularly well with anything else?


What am I missing chaps? Now’s the time to hit me up. 🙂





*the products pictured show only a few of the products being discussed, some of the products pictured may not make it to the final review stage (depending on feedback).