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Bon Jovi ‘Lay Your Hands on Me’ – Live at Anfield Stadium 19th June. and back in the day (worth watching for the hair alone)…. https://youtu.be/EhjSzibOIH4


-What’s your background/upbringing story?

-How do you pronounce your surname?

-What is ‘Hello with Hirons’?

-What are your top 3 songs/books/films?

-Describe 1st time you met Simon Le Bon

-Best concert experience?

-What has been your career journey?

-If you didn’t get into skin, what other career would you have had?

-What’s your fave self care/ unwinding thing to do?

-How do you handle criticism? How do you handle transforming into a public figure?

-What’s the best advice you have received?- Life/career/motherhood

-What would you say/ advice to your younger self?

-Dinner party dream guests?

-What hobby have you always wanted to try but have yet to/what’s on the bucket list?

-How did you meet Mr H? If you hadn’t have met would you have proposed to Simon le Bon?

-Fav colour and why?

-Fav dream destination?

-What’s your fav thing about each of your children? Is there a difference when raising boys and girls?

-Best mum moment?

-What’s It like working with your children/family?

-What is your zodiac sign?

-Can you tell a funny story about Penny and Monty?

-Tips on making a proper cuppa? Best teabags?

-How has your experience been with Menopause/ HRT?

-HP or Ketchup?

-Who is your favourite ‘Bond’?

-Do you have any tattoos?

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