Honest Beauty have had a revamp and have just launched in the UK via Boots. You’ll find a selection of the range there (not everything, unless they’re still waiting for stock to be delivered), both online and in selected stores.

I hope they do pick up the rest of the line because they are currently only showing six out of a possible seventeen products (I’m not counting wipes – sorry).

I haven’t had time to thoroughly test the revamped products yet, but I really liked most of the line from the early days. Obviously I’m going to say start with the skincare, especially the facial oil and moisturisers, but the makeup is actually really good too.

As per my Bun Friday video last week, I did say I would flag up if any brand is scare-mongering or ‘clean’-washing in their marketing so it’s worth showing this: www.honest.com/blog/beauty/clean-beauty-our-definition-cruelty-free-paraben-free-makeup-and-skincare/

Like other brands in the arena they have a list of products that they will not include in their formulas, which sadly includes all parabens, even short-chain ones, and synthetic fragrance, which can be less irritating than essential oils. They’ve trademarked ‘Made without’, which is pretty useless to them in the EU with the current change in the law, and there are 191 articles on the site with the word ‘toxic’ in them.

However: they are, at least, not disingenuous. They were one of the first in the arena, are definitely coming from a good place, have an on-staff toxicologist (unlike the EWG) and genuinely seem to do a lot of good in the community. Overall I’m a fan.

Honest Beauty is available at Boots.com and in selected stores. (Get the rest please Boots.)