That’s the thing about outtakes, they always come in handy at some point.

Happy New Year everyone!

Just in case you were thinking of spending some of your hard-earned cash/presents/vouchers on any of the below, please know that your cash would be far better spent in product and professional treatments (be they with a facialist or a derm, depending on your need).

Obviously, if you want any of the below, and they make you feel good, knock yourself out. It’s just that you don’t ‘need’ them. At all.

  • Skincare Fridges
    I have come across one product* in the last few years that actually needs refrigeration. You may be aware of other products that contain live bacteria, in which case they may also require a fridge. But nothing else does. Everything sold OTC is stability tested before it is sent to market. It is tested in extreme cold, and extreme heat, to ensure that it does not lose efficacy, or go off/grow mould.
    If you live in a really hot climate and like the feeling of something cooling on your skin, knock yourself out. But fridges do nothing to enhance the efficacy of your product, and are completely unnecessary.
  • Gold
    This hype hasn’t gone away and shows no signs of abating anytime soon. Whilst it looks pretty in packaging, and iridescent on the skin, in the words of my mate Kate Somerville: ‘it does jack shit for your skin’.
    Jewellery? Absolutely. Skincare? You’re literally paying extra for something that in a flake form, would never penetrate, and in a micronized form, is unproven. But hey: say something has 24k gold in it and you can whack your prices up.
  • Crystals
    Again, if you are into crystals, then nothing I say will matter. Carry on. Your life, your wallet.
    However, if you are buying into rose quartz because the brand says that it ‘vibrates at a higher frequency’ and can ‘aid healing and strengthens the skin’, know that this truly is the utter bollocks that it sounds.
  • Jade (or any other type of mineral/crystal) Rollers
    Not since the Clarisonic and the Foreo has a tool sold as many as these have in the last year. Again, if it makes you sit still and chill out whilst you massage your jawline for 10 minutes, crack on. No harm no foul. But again, if you are buying one of these because the brand say that ‘once rubbed onto the skin, it increases circulation and gives a dewy glow’, save your cash. The odds are that after the first few uses, when your chin stays firmly in place and doesn’t miraculously ‘lift’, you’ll never use it again.
    Know what else increases circulation and gives you a dewy glow? Your hands.

So now that you’ve all put your crystals and jade rollers into your skincare fridge to keep cold with your gold creams, what do you need in 2020?


You need science.

WE need science. More than ever.

Let 2020 start with us embracing the cosmetic scientists, dermatologists, aestheticians and brands that base their knowledge and advice on proven science.
Enough with the scare-mongering and selling-through-fear.
Enough ‘free from’.
Enough with the bollocks.






*Mother Dirt’s AO+ Mist –
(not an affiliate link)