Hi Everyone,

I’m sure you’re all got better things to think about right now, but I obviously need to keep you updated. As most of you are I’m sure expecting, we have had to postpone the publication date of the book. Please know that it is completely out of our control and the last thing that anyone wanted to do.

We have done this for two main reasons: firstly, we simply cannot get books into your hands if we stick to our April release and secondly, even if we ‘could’ control the distribution aspect, I don’t think anyone needs to be working to stock my book right now.

So, as the US release books on Tuesdays, you will get the book on the 23rd June and the UK will drop two days later on Thursday 25th June.

This doesn’t change anything to those of you who have pre-ordered (thank you), you’ll just get it on the new release date instead. And no money leaves your account until it ships..

Sending all the love from our family to yours.

Thank you for your understanding, thank you for your support, and please…

stay safe, stay healthy, STAY INDOORS.

CH x