Hi Folks!

I thought I’d try and do something useful while we’re all cooped up together (separately), so every evening (for the next week or so) I’m going live on Instagram for about half an hour at 7pm UK time.

I won’t look anything like the above, I fully expect to have my bun, no makeup, and my apron, but I’ll be there!

We will save them as an IGTV and then upload them to Youtube (and here), so hopefully you’ll have access to them somewhere.

My instagram is here:

Schedule so far:

Wednesday 25th – Cleansing
Thursday 26th – Acids
Friday 27th – Moisturising
Saturday 28th – Serums – initially all of them, with a view to expanding in further lives.
Sunday – Retinol/Vitamin A
Monday – SPF
Tuesday – open!

See you there!