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Hi Everyone!

The Kits go on sale tomorrow, 1st May at 12pm. I will add a link here to the shop tomorrow when it’s live.

That will also have the e-book in it for you to download/read and ALL the terms and conditions. Because of Covid-19, there are, understandably, a lot.

This is a brief overview.

Kit 1 contains 7 products and has a retail value of £354.00, it will be on sale for £160.00, a saving of around 55%.

Kit 2 contains 6 products and has a retail value of £331.00, it will be on sale for £150.00, a saving of around 55%.

As with the Winter Kits it is one kit per transaction, and there is a larger restricted country list due to Covid-19. I will list everything tomorrow as the list is constantly changing and I want it to be as up-to-date as possible.

We have added Paypal (so you have the option of Paypal Credit) and are waiting for Klarna approval. Due to Covid (again) and a national holiday in Sweden, this is delayed. As soon as it is finalised, I will add the option, but I am unable to say when that will be, or if it will be in time.. Again, totally out of our control. Sorry folks.

UK orders will start to ship on Tuesday 5th May. Due to safe spacing at the warehouse, we have to ship UK kits first, before we move to international. International kits will start to ship at the latest, w/c 18th May and obviously sooner if we complete the majority of the UK sales. Again, necessary safe spacing measures.

All of this info and more will be available at launch tomorrow, along with ‘How-To’ videos on both kits. And I will be on Insta Live in and out all day. THANKS EVERYONE!