About 6 months into starting this blog I was introduced to Michelle Doherty and her brand, Alpha-H.

Michelle was funny, gregarious, generous, appropriately loud, had no problem telling people when to F off, adored her team, was obsessed with her family, thrilled about the fact that her girls had all started having their own babies and that she was a grandmother, and loved nothing more than talking about them every time we saw each other.

We would frequently forget to talk about the new product releases until it was home time, preferring to chat about our families, the industry and just have a good time putting the world to rights.

Michelle passed away peacefully last week and her loss is hard to fathom and understand.

I just wanted to send all of my love to her husband Dean, her beloved girls Jamee, Taryn and Libby, the grandchildren that she was obsessed with, and her team, especially Tom, Clare and Tatia in the UK.

We will never forget her. She was an absolutely phenomenal woman.

Hug your loved ones tighter tonight folks.

And 2020 can absolutely fuck off.



*Note how ‘white’ our teeth are in this pic, I was joking around with Michelle and showed her how white I could filter our teeth and she said “F’ing hell use that one mate we look like that Jon Bon Jovi fella.’