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If you’re not new around here, you will know that I have a long-standing relationship with Pixi. It started back in 2012, when I went to a blogger event at the behest of Amanda Bell (aka Mands, and it wasn’t really a request, more a ‘be there’) and spotted a product called Glow Tonic on the shelf.
The rest, as they say, is indeed history, and Pixi have continued to add brilliant products to the range ever since.

As I am frequently asked for more info every time Pixi release newness, I thought I’d do a quick update of current favourite products, starting of course, with my Double Cleanse!

In two parts, one solid oil and one cream formula, Double Cleanse is your one-stop shop for either your morning cleanse or your evening double cleanse. Two cleansers in one, the solid balm contains evening primrose oil, vitamin E and camellia oil and removes SPF and makeup effortlessly. The cream section has a little more oomph to it, as this is the one that I tend to spend a little longer massaging in. Vitamin C, arginine and peptides (to retain moisture in the skin, not build collagen) make this a joy to use. And yes, I am biased.

Double Cleanse is vegan and fragrance-free.

Next up is Pixi’s secret weapon: pHenomenal Gel.
pHenomenal Gel is a really lightweight, deceptively hydrating moisturiser in a glycerin base, that contains ginseng, horse chestnut and aloe vera to revitalise, hydrate, soothe and calm. It’s another perfect pick for all skin types, being both fragrance and oil free. Plays nicely with others, it works well under makeup and is the perfect finishing step after you’ve applied your treatments.

pHenomenal Gel is vega, fragrance and oil-free.

After Double Cleanse, Glow Mist is easily my most-used Pixi product. Containing 13 plant oils plus Propolis, Aloe Vera and Fruit extracts, I use this like it’s going out of fashion. I have one on my desk and one on my dressing table at home. It’s the last step in my routine whether or not I am bare-faced or after I’ve finished my makeup and want to seal the deal. It’s the skincare version of an Amex. Don’t leave home without it. (Yeah I know, showing my age!) Immense.

Now: if you want to take that and make more of a big deal about it, the Body Glow Mist is perfection on décolleté and naked arms. If I ever showed my legs you’d see it there too, but no-one needs to see that. For the people that always ask if they ‘can just use the Body on their face’, my recommendation is no. While Glow Mist is a skincare product that also gives you glow, the Body Mist is heavier on the ‘glow’ side and less about caring for your face. You can absolutely be generous with it on your hair though.

Rose Tonic is one of the newer tonics to the Pixi Collections and perfect if, like me, sometimes you just want a really hydrating ‘traditional’ toner. It’s alcohol free, with rose and elderflower , for soothing and hydration, and does not irritate the skin or strip it. It also plays well with others, and can be used after Double Cleanse and under pHenomenal Gel for a really simply, hydrating, soothing routine.

Body Glow Mist and Rose Tonic are vegan, Glow Mist contains propolis.

On-the-Glow Blush (tinted moisture stick) has aloe, ginseng and a castor oil base, so it blends easily into the skin. It is my most-used Pixi makeup item. In its basic form, it’s a hydrating stick of pigment that’s amazing for blusher but honestly, for a quick face, I use this on my cheeks, lips and eyes. Again, if I have to less to carry and can do more with one item, I’m in. I mainly use Fleur, pictured, but if you have darker skin tones, you want Ruby (the most divine red) or Juicy (coral).

Perfect for summer. Perfect for lazy days. Perfect for every day.

On-the-Glow Blush is vegan.

Pixi are offering two bundles of my favourite products for a limited period:


Option One:
Caroline Hirons’ Pixi Picks
· US: $93 ($116 value)
· INTL: £88 (£110 value)
• Double Cleanse
• Rose Tonic
• pHenomenal Gel
• Glow Mist
• Body Glow Mist
• On the Glow Blush – Fleur

Option Two:
Caroline Hirons’ Starter Bundle
· US: $58 ($72 value)
· INTL: £55 (£68 value)
• Double Cleanse
• Rose Tonic 100ml
• Glow Mist
• On the Glow Blush – Fleur

Both available now via Pixibeauty online.



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