When I wrote my book, the publishers agreed that I could keep it updated, as and when appropriate. Science changes, ingredients are found, government regulations are updated, and opinions change. It’s been over two yearsisince I wrote Skincare.

So the timing is indeed appropriate to introduce you to ‘Skincare: The New Edit’.
This revised edition has lots of new content, including:

New product and brand recommendations, updated glossary and brand glossary.

Puberty, Pregnancy, Menopause and Perimenopause, PCOS, Endometriosis, Chemotherapy and Long-term illness.

A more concise, updated SPF section.

Maskne and what you can do

Skincare: The New Edit is released on 11th November in the UK and Ireland.

International freaks, what with shipping issues, paper shortages and a whole load of logistical dramas, none of which are under my control, unfortunately we cannot launch with you until April 2022: US/Canada: 12 April
Australia/New Zealand: 13 April