I trust/would trust all of these professionals implicitly with my face. They are all extremely skilled with years of experience and different skill sets between them. All of these locations will charge you for their time and then give you what they think your skin needs. There are no ‘conveyor-belt’ facials here.
Everyone listed below may disagree about product usage and the efficacy of some treatments, but they are all qualified to talk to you about skin and have put the hours in. They all have passion and knowledge in abundance and are exactly that: ‘qualified professionals’. #qualifiedverifiedandinsured
*I am not currently offering treatments on a regular basis.



Annee de Mamiel: email here

Teresa Tarmey: more info

Mortar & Milk – Fulham SW6: email here

Darker skins:

Dija Ayodele specialises in treating darker skins on the Fitzpatrick scale and holds regular classes and facial days. More info here:

Abigail James: more info


Andy Millward: more info



Jordan Samuel:

Candice Miele: Skin Deep Beverly Hills

Renee Rouleau: more info

Joanna Vargas:  more info


Daxita Vaghela (Atherton Cox and Harvey Nichols) is the lash Queen. Simples. For more info have a read here: