Make-Up Artist on Monday – Adam ‘Medusa’ Sidwell

This weeks MUA is Adam Sidwell aka Medusa – the International MUA for Illamasqua.

How long have you been a MUA?  
I have been involved in makeup for 10 years .

How long have you been working in the industry?
Make-up is the only work I have ever done, since I left school in 1998.

When did you get your ‘big break’?
I think my big break which changed everything for me was being asked to be the European MUA for the PussyCat Dolls in 2005.
I have been doing all of their press/magazine/TV/ and concert performances for 5 years now.

What advice do you have for aspiring MUA’s trying to get into the industry?
Don’t listen to rules, rules are there to be broken! Of course its good to have basic structure of makeup (a course is good, but not always needed, I’ve never studied makeup!)
It’s about believing in your skill and not being shy to express it in any way you want.
I hate it when I see people doing stuff only to please other people, you should never work to the constraints of others.

Who has been your best client so far?
My best client so far has to be Nicole Scherzinger…. I’ve worked with her for a long time, she is gracious, kind, sweet, honest and focussed.  We have a very close professional bond – she trusts me and she knows she is getting an honest opinion from me.
I refuse to be a “yes” person around people that are successful. So we have a great understanding of each other.

And your favourite job so far?
I think a defining moment for me was backstage at the Munich MTV video awards, with Nicole Scherzinger….
After her performance with Will-i-am, we partied in the “glamour pit” it was one of the best parties EVER, we were all drinking Jagerbombs and dancing the night away.
I met some amazing people that night…. One of the best feel good moments of my career… Im sure I will have many more to come!

What are you currently working on/who with?
PussyCat Dolls, Firetrapp, British Hairdresser of the Year Awards, Courtney Love, Redken, Vogue, Italian Vanity Fair, cassett player, Jenny Packham, Justin Oh, Zoot, And Men, Fashion Now, Jessica Stam, Wetten Darz, Schlarg Den Raab,
Golden Camera Awards. MTV  Europe, European Music Awards, NRJ Awards, Fashion Rocks.

How many brushes do you own?
I really couldn’t tell you? Mmmm about 50 I guess…
My favourite brush is the number 15 from stila, and the brow brush from Illamasqua.

What do you consider your speciality?
My speciality for make-up – for myself – is to try and make me look quite dead but with a soft damaged, tainted look.
I like to look quite hurt and vulnerable. I like to look broken and pretty.  People think gothic makeup is always scary, but my look involves a lot of skill and prettiness, yeah, I might always wear black lips, but I always maintain a soft gamime, waif-like look.
I like to make sure my looks always involve a element of couture high fashion, but with a silence to the look.

What is your favourite brand, and why?
It has to be ILLAMASQUA, I use loads of other stuff, but Illamasqua unites my deep creativeness. Its the only brand which has no rules.
It truly is a stand alone brand… No one has the deepness, the mystery, the night time, the glamorous edge that I have to be surrounded by. Illamasqua is ME.

Your kit is on fire – and you can only save 5 things. What are they?
Black Liquid Liner from Sleek, Black Smudge Pot by Stila, Estee Lauder Doublewear Foundation in Shell, Powder Foundation 145 from Illamasqua and Static Pigment from Illamasqua.

You can read more about the lovely Adam and his work for Illamasqua here.
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