Cheat Sheet – Five quick things to change with the season – Autumn/Winter

I’ve already written a Cheat Sheet about ‘Winter Skin’, but as we’re not quite there yet, here are a few key things to consider changing in your skincare routine when you change your coat from a rain mac to something wooly!

  1. Cleansing
    If you worship at the altar of wipes and foaming cleansers, you might find your skin slightly more unforgiving in a colder climate. Switch to milks, creams and balms and you’ll feel a difference in your skin immediately.
  2. Toners
    Keep up with the acids. Now is not the time to slow down. Acids are crucial for keeping your skin exfoliated and fresh, ready to accept anything that follows them. Treat yourself to a new one, keep the skin challenged in a safe, non-aggressive way. If you can afford it, absolutely use more than one.
  3. Facial Oils
    If you don’t already use one, now is the time to consider investing. If you’ve already boarded the facial oil train, try two drops under your moisturiser in the mornings to keep your skin protected throughout the day. Skin shouldn’t feel greasy when you do this, if it does, you’re using too much product.
  4. Change your routine times
    Take advantage of the darker nights and perhaps getting home earlier and do your routine as soon as you get in from work/school run/college. Full cleanse, acid, serum/oil application. Go about your business, check your skin hourly until you go to bed, and reapply if you feel like your skin is still absorbing. The skin has done most of its repairing work by 11pm, so don’t leave it until 10.30 when you’re going to bed, give it as much time as possible.
  5. Upgrade your spritzes/essences – and use them liberally.
    This is no time to be using spray water – like Evian in a can. You’ll be dehydrated already – most of us are in cold climates, and that will just make it worse. Use spritzes or essences that contain other ingredients, like minerals and oils, such as Josh Rosebrook, May Lindstrom and Melvita. They work as an extra layer of hydration and hold everything that follows in place, including individual serums and oils.

And face wipe fiends: if all else fails, cleanse with a balm, remove with a flannel, acid and oil. That is your bare minimum, not a wipe.

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