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Jamie’s Italian or *totally gratuitous pictures of food and Duran…*

I recently visited Jamie’s Italian in Oxford with my other BFF The McKay. She of the infamous…

 And the best picture taken in the world ever…

As if going to see Duran Duran in a venue the size of a pub wasn’t enough – we figured ‘We’re grown-ups, let’s get some real food while we’re at it.’

It did NOT disappoint. The service was spot-on, the atmosphere was relaxed and the food was well….

Burrata with chilli and mint salad

Flash cooked greens with chilli and garlic
Posh Chips – with truffle oil and parmesan

Angus Sirloin with grilled mushrooms

There was also a large bottle of red and much talk of….

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Le Sigh…..

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