pureDKNY A Drop of Rose and a possible dupe for Chantecaille’s Darby Rose

So DKNY have a new addition to their ‘pure‘ line. A Drop of Rose follows A Drop of Vanilla and A Drop of Verbena.

And it has a lovely back story about the amount of rose petals picked to make the oil and how they are picked pre-dawn etc etc..

But I stopped reading that when I smelt it. It’s the closest I’ve come across yet to the now impossible-to-find-deleted-from-range-we-all-cried-when-it-went Chantecaille Darby Rose.

By far the best Rose fragrance I’ve ever used – this went out of circulation around 10 years ago (?? was it REALLY that long? *cries*) and left a lot of users bereft.

This is not exactly like it – the DKNY rose is Turkish for starters, not from Grasse – but to the average non-expert whiffer (it SO is a word) – its a good close second. So much so that I’m putting it away and saving it for Spring when I will bring out my very last teeny tiny pot of the Darby Rose body cream.

Unless you’re Persolaise, Candy Perfume Boy or Basenotes – you’d never know. Ish.

pureDKNY A Drop of Rose launches 3rd February. Prices start at £37.00