Neotantric Fragrances – (I am) a Sex Goddess

OK let’s be clear. I am clearly not a Sex Goddess. That much is obvious.

However, I do love this fragrance from Neotantric Fragrances.

Neotantric is a Swedish brand and each fragrance has been composed in Grasse and created by a different parfumier, whose ‘noses’ have created parfum’s for many well known global brands – along a similar vein to Frederic Malle albeit with a quirky edge.

 This particular one is created by Christian Vermorel and comes in a 100ml EDT – which means I tend to spray it on my clothing to make it last longer. There are no descriptions on the bottles – you’re supposed to just blind smell and pick the one you are attracted to.

Once I saw the breakdown though it was blatantly obvious why I love it:

It’s pretty much one of my favourites at each layer – fresh, then floral, then slightly deeper with warmth. Pretty perfect for those days when you can’t decide what to wear – be it clothing or fragrance. Gives you a lovely whisper of a beautiful smell that doesn’t overpower your mood, clothing or attitude.

I love it. I’m still not a Sex Goddess though.

Neotantric Fragrances can sometimes be found on amazon here: Neotantric