Give and Makeup Urgent Appeal

Hi Everyone.

I just came back from a Refuge drop off and have an update regarding their current families in need. This is their busiest time of year but they have had a recent influx of young girls under the age of 10 – between 2 and 8 especially.

These children turned up with literally the clothes on their back, nothing more. If you can spare any of the following and post them to the below address it would be hugely helpful in giving these children some comfort in what is supposed to be one of the happiest times of the year for little ones.

When thinking about what to send for children (and the women for that matter) the easiest way is to look at what you use from the moment you wake up.

They need:












Second hand is obviously fine, but please do make sure they are clean. It only causes additional work (and cost) for an already-stretched team if they have to wash everything.

And then any kind of suitable toys and DVDs. Nothing graphic, no play guns etc and no violent films. Educational children’s DVDs, puzzles, games, dolls – anything.

These children have nothing.

Neither do their mothers, but they are particularly short of things for small people at the present time.

I am updating the Give and Makeup page right now to reflect the seasonal need. All your questions can be answered there but I will obviously answer any that I can in the comments.

Thanks everyone.