Tools Of The Trade – Microlance Needles

During Monday’s Facebook Live with Trinny, I mentioned these needles for milia removal. I was hesitant to blog them but after one of you mentioned that you were using a paper clip to attempt to pop a spot I thought it was best to at least guide you to something sterile and safe.

I did mention that it would come with a big disclaimer so:

  • Watch the video for more information and a step by step YouTube/Trinny
  • Make sure you are using sterile needles for each attempt. Don’t use one needle on five different spots/milia.
  • Clean hands, swabbed area.
  • Only attempt if you can see the area clearly. If it is even marginally out of sight, leave it alone or go to a professional. All of the professionals listed on my Treatments page remove milia.
  • You can have two attempts then please leave it alone.
  • Do not stab yourself, you are lightly piercing/breaking the skin, not testing the temperature of a turkey.
  • Google the brand name and you will find them in your country.
  • Go easy. Attempt after cleansing on a clean face. Swab the area with acid after you’ve finished and then proceed with your normal routine.



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